Monthly Archives: November 2014

Thank You Cookies


Growing up, my Mom always told me that I needed to write thank you notes when the situation presented itself. It doesn’t take that long and people love to be appreciated.

Thank you notes are great and all but you know what is possibly better than that? Thank you cookies!

One of my dear friends’ husband has been in the hospital for quite some time and they recently moved him to another branch of the hospital and she wanted the nurses, techs, and therapists to know how awesome they were while they were there.


I was so happy that I got to provide these awesome people with sugary sweets!


Sometimes I think we get wrapped up in whatever situation we happen to be in and forget to thank those around us for taking care of things that we couldn’t do for ourselves.



So thank you to all the hospital workers for keeping our loved ones healthy and for being there when we need you…and for doing a job that I know I could never do!

I think I’ll just stick to playing with sugar 🙂